Welcome to my world of painting

An artist who lives in Herne Bay Kent, he enjoys painting landscape and seascape which are inspired by the local area, also interest in old sail ships has also been subjects of his art.
A self-taught artist who started painting with his late father using oil paint many years ago.
He started to paint again after retiring and moving from London to Herne Bay some years ago. After doing some research and trying acrylic, he found this a good medium to use for some of his pictures but also during his research he came upon the Wet on Wet system of painting on Irish TV with David Willis who is a Bob Ross and Bill Alexander trained instructor. This led him to start using oil paints again as the acrylic dried too quickly for Wet on Wet painting. Being a keen photographer has allowed him to capture many of the scenes found in his art.
He has paintings in private collections in Canterbury, London, Margate, Sittingbourne, Southampton, Winchester and Whitstable.
His paintings have been in exhibitions at Café Moroc in Rochester, The Horse Bridge Centre in Whitstable, Gas House Gallery in Herne Bay, Held  exhibitions at the BAG gallery & Gas House Gallery in Herne Bay and collaborated with Kent Creative Arts at The Art Market in Maidstone

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